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Thought Field Therapy

What is Thought Field Therapy? [TFT]

Thought Field Therapy [TFT] is a new technique for the rapid relief of all kinds of emotional distresses. It works rather like accupuncture by stimulating the body’s energy meridians to resolve problems with regards to the body’s emotional control system. However, with TFT no needles are used. Instead, the patient taps on various parts of the body with their fingers. The results are frequently amazing as emotional problems often disappear in minutes.  Continue reading


Initiation Balancing Program

“A unique system designed to initiate the
TRANSFORMATION of your mind, body & spirit in
preparation for the coming GOLDEN AGE.”

The Ma’at Initiation Balancing Program is considered as a unique system designed to initiate the transformation of the mind, body and spirit, in preparation for the coming Golden Age. Its aims is the unification of all three faculties to enable the achievement of a higher state of being.  Continue reading