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Dr jewel purification

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Ernest Nelson-Homiah

07939 076 033 / 020 8698 8138


Thursday January 6th, 2011



Warm Greetings Dr. Jewel,

I’d like to start off by saying, it is a great honour and privilege to join forces with you, and work alongside yourself, and I’m looking forward to us building a long term working relationship together for the future.

This letter is to regain clarity as to where we all stand, in terms of our original business agreement which commenced on 12thOctober 2010 via conference call.

Originally, the terms we (Maat Foundation) agreed upon were under the following terms:

1)      We were to pay for yourself (Dr. Jewel) and your CEO’s (Marilyn Charlot’s) air travel.

2)      We were to pay for yourself (Dr. Jewel) and your CEO’s  (Marilyn Charlot’s)hotel accommodation.

3)      We were to pay for any food or expenditure whilst you were visiting the UK.

4)      You agreed that no additional charge would be made for your speaking at the conference itself – original date confirmed was in November, but then it was subsequently changed to 19th December 2010.

Subsequently, money was transferred to your account to purchase tickets for yourself (Dr. Jewel) and your CEO (Marilyn Charlot) in the amount of $1,564.36 (£1,.10.53).  We also secured a venue (JK Banqueting Suites) for the 19th December at £500, as well as, secured hotel accommodation (Holiday Express Croydon) with a £205 deposit.

So far a total of £1,705.00 had been spent to secure your visit here in the UK between 16-20th, 2010, inclusive of your delivery of the ‘Higher Consciousness Conference’ on Sunday 19th December, 2010.

Further on, there were some additional changes, which were termed as follows:-

1)      Marilyn was now bringing her son Phillippe with her on the trip to London, then onto Luxor

2)      Marilyn would be responsible for ALL expenditure pertaining to her son.

3)      Any additional room was reserved to ensure Marilyn and her son had privacy, increasing the deposit to £339.

4)      Marilyn Charlot confirmed that she would pay for ALL expenses – including cost of hotel accommodation (her own room hire), as her son was now travelling.

Unfortunately, and due to unforeseen circumstances with yourself, the mis-management of your CEO, we were advised on 15thDecember that you did not have the necessary documents (visa/passport) to travel on 16th December, 2010.  Nor did you have the funds to alter your flight tickets.

You (Dr. Jewel) emailed myself (Ernest) and Jahdusha, asking if we could assist you on an URGENT and EMERGENCY basis. You asked us to assist with the following and in same order;-

1)      Change your arrival date from 16th to potentially 18th December – arriving 19th, but this didn’t happen, as you were unable to obtain your Visa on time.  Please note, Marilyn had asked us numerous occasions to deposit the monies necessary to alter your flight dates, without confirming your Visa first hand, and we could have potentially lost more money.  However, fortunately, we resisted because of our anxiety regarding the mis-management on Marilyn Charlot part.

2)      Marilyn subsequently flew to London with her son Phillippe, but without you (Dr. Jewel).  Phillippe subsequently used the hotel reservation on your behalf.  Utilizing the total deposit of £339, incurring additional costs of £65 = Total of £405.

3)      Marilyn was unaware that you had to travel from New York to Connecticut to pick up your new passport.  Jahdusha subsequently stepped in and organised transportation by means of her step- Father, to take you to the Connecticut Passport Office.

4)      Marilyn disclosed to Jahdusha that she would have to cancel your (Dr. Jewel’s) tickets to Luxor, as she (Marilyn) did not anticipate you would make the flight.  Jahdusha queried if you (Dr. Jewel) was aware, and Marilyn advised no, as you were not able to pick up calls, as you were on the train returning from a second trip to Connecticut on the train, and concluded she had to cancel it, as it was proving impossible to find you a flight to get you to London in time to connect with your flight to Luxor on Mon 21stDecember 2010.


5)      Marilyn then cancelled ALL of your flights without your permission.

6)      You then emailed myself (Ernest) and Jahdusha, asking us to assist you in manifesting your vision of being in Egypt, at which point, you were still unaware of your own flights being cancelled from London to Luxor.  Please note, when we originally agreed to change your flight dates, we anticipated a fee of approximately £500-£1000, because it was only pertaining to NY-LON and LON-NY.  You advised that you would furnish us with some e-books to help cover the airfare costs.  However, since coming to this agreement, Marilyn took it upon herself to cancel your ENTIRE flight itinerary without your knowledge.  Therefore, your WHOLE flight itinerary had to be re-booked in order for you to be able to fly to Egypt, as well as, present the Conference here in the UK.   Due to it being during the holiday season, the airfares have been/are very high.

7)      On 20th December 2010, Jahdusha called in a favour from a friend who is a Manager at a Corporate Travel Agency, please note, the gentleman is not usually allowed to book commercial flights under any circumstances.  He risked his job, to perform the favour for Jahdusha, knowing that this was the ONLY way possible to have gotten you on the last flight available in order for you to connect and catch your cruise in Luxor.

With his kind assistance, we managed to get you a brand new flight itinerary.  20th Dec New York to London.  20th Dec London to Daho, 21st Dec Daho to Luxor –  31st Dec Luxor-Daho, 31st Dec Daho to London, then 9th January London-New York – costing a TOTAL of £4, 500 ($6,984.92).


8)      At the time of rebooking your entire flight itinerary, you agreed to extend your stay here in the UK to promote your Balancing Program, to assist in creating the funds necessary to refund the monies loaned from myself to you, in order for you to go to Egypt and present the Conference.  You also agreed, that you would furnish us with 50 Limited edition e-book CD’s with the Balancing Program presentation, as well as,  10 e-books, which come to a total value of £2,150 ($3,332.69).  However, sales have not taken off due to asking price of £40.

9)      A second box of 50 e-books was received by Jahdusha, and this entire box of e-books was given to you on Weds 5thJanuary.

10)   Today 6th January 2011.  Originally, when we were to change your flight arrival dates, and not your entire itinerary, due to passport issues.   I asked my son, if he would loan me the money necessary.  I advised it would be approximately £1,000 or so. He agreed.   However, because of the emergency nature of having to purchased a whole new itinerary on such short notice,  I was in strong doubt that he would agree to pay that amount of money (£4,500), especially, as he would want to know why it was £4,500 just to come from New York to London.  He would not appreciate paying for you to go to Egypt or any other flights, other than coming to the UK to perform the Conference.   Therefore, I used his credit card details to buy you the tickets without his permission.  As it stands now, my son has become aware the money has been taken out of his account, and the transaction of purchasing the tickets has been reported as fraud.   I advised him that it was myself who borrowed the money, and intended to pay him back before the end of your tour.

He is willing not to proceed with his claim of fraud, if he receives the monies owed to him in full by Saturday the latest.

I take full responsibility of my action and am in the process of resolving this issue with my son.  However, if this fraud claim goes ahead, it could potentially result in your ticket being cancelled.


As it stands TOTAL FUNDS owed to as at 7th January 2011 is as follows:


Marilyn’s hotel deposit                                 £339 + £65 telephone fees          £404.00

Deposit for Hall on (19th Dec)                                                                                      £500.00

New Flight Itinerary for Dr. Jewel                                                                         £4,500.00

TOTAL:  £5,404.00 (US$8, 356.97)

Acc    maat mind therapy        natwest bank

Ekundayo nelson-homiah: natwest west wickham branch kent 33 high street west wickham BR4 OWH


,iban GE56NWBK60232279141854




Please note, the money made from advance ticket sales was used to purchase your original first tickets, as well as, the hall, hotel accommodation, PA system, food, expenses etc.   Any money collected at the door, has been handed over to the individuals who loaned us the money to put on the Conference, therefore, your kind consideration and assistance in manifesting the monies to clear the above, would be greatly appreciated.

Yes buisness will be much smother, fruitful, clear and focus between us for the future.


Many thanks,



Ernest Nelson-Homiah




Attention, friends and all lovers of natural products!


Ma’at Shop will be selling at the famous Natural November event this Sunday!


All my metaphysical products will be on a special, “buy one, get one for half price” sale!

This includes the Rods of Ma’at and the Alchemy plates, too.

Another special deal: buy a Ma’at Gold EMF radiation blocking diode, and get one diode free.


…and this is still not all! The first 20 costumers spending £10.00 at Ma’at Shop will be gifted with a Ma’at Gold EMF radiation blocking diode.


See you on Natural Sunday!




Salt lamps made of Himalayan salt


The material of each lamp is 250 million-year-old cave salt called Halite, which had been formed in the Himalaya mountains before any pollution could touch the Earth. Himalayan salt has a much higher purity level than sea salts (which are still safer than man-made, toxic ingredients-containing table salts), as sea salts are often contaminated by sewages, atomic testing remains and other bad chemicals from the sea water. The Halite salt contains over 70 minerals and it is highly recommended for cooking, bathing, and most health- and beauty care purposes.

The Himalayan salt lamps’ heated salt crystals’ emit gentle heat and negatively-charged ions, thus benefitting their owners from many physical and mental health problems.


Several salt lamps and other Halite products are now available in the Ma’at Shop!



Ealing Summer Festival This Weekend 21-22nd July

Ealing Blues Festival

The Ealing Summer Festival is on from 30th June until 19th August. This weekend is all about the Blues, and we invite you to come join us – look out for our stall at the Backstage. We are here today (Saturday 21st) and Sunday 22nd July and also at the Jazz Festival next weekend 28th & 29th July.

Ealing Blues Festival, Saturday 21 July 2012
Doors open 1.30pm, starts 2pm, finishes 10.30pm
Map to Location:  Walpole Park
£5 entry, children aged 12 and under free

Ealing Global Festival, Sunday 22 July 2012
Map to Location: Walpole Park
£5 entry, children aged 12 and under free

If you haven’t yet tried out the Rods of Maat, now’s your chance! Experience for yourself the balancing effects of the rods on your energy system whilst relaxing in the park. We have a nice selection of remedies, jewellery, crystals and metaphysical items for you to choose. Remember, we also offer Thought Field Therapy and Reiki Tummo sessions which you can book at the stall.

See you there!


Paradise Gardens Festival Sat 30th June & Sun 1st July

Paradise GardensThis weekend,  Ma’at Foundation Therapies will be over at the  Paradise Gardens Festival weekender with remedies, tools, jewellery, crystals, Rods of Ma’at and more – come down and join the fun! Part of the London 2012 Festival, this free event kicks off on Saturday 30th June 1pm – 11pm & Sunday 1st July 1pm til 6.30am. So, what is it all about?

From their website:

200 years ago London had Pleasure Gardens – places where friends and families could immerse themselves in culture and experience the joys of open air entertainments. Now, a 21st Century Pleasure Gardens returns. And it all starts with The Paradise Gardens…

We’re starting with a bang! Spectacular pyrotechnic theatre, a great live music line up, epic street art, pop-up performances, curious sideshows, the Silly Olympics, a village fete, a Ballroom, a vintage funfair, a craft market and specialist food from around the world – this is no ordinary launch event.

Best of all… the whole festival is FREE. You don’t need a ticket. Just turn up!”


Saturday 30th June 1PM – 11PM  + Sunday 1st July 1PM – 10PM


Check the location here


This is a FREE event! You don’t need a ticket, simply turn up from 1pm and join the party.

For more information, see




The health Aura and chakra’s

The body is a product of the energy mold or aura, inside which the body body originally grew

The aura tells the story of each organ, cell or molecule for those you can read it.

The mind and your emotion are one of the governing factors that determine the colours in the aura.

The health aura and body receive energy from higher levels via energy   vortexes, your chakras.

Each chakras energizes and sustain certain organs, the balance of the seven chakras activates healing

In the body by transmitting energy to the inner layer of the aura- the etheric body’s health aura.

This corrects the polarity of the entire three-body system.

Ancient tools for healing, Rods of ma’at, used by the priest, priestess and initiates of ancient

Egypt. Now you can also experience the balance harmonize and alignment of your  mind body and spirit.

The first and only to show the effects of the Rod of ma’at on the Aura and chakras

The  picture on your right is before using the Rods or ma’at, within 10-15 min something

Quite magical has happen to avis , a transformation, the goddess has awaken.

Imagine just  15 min a day, or twice a day will manifest.Come and have a free taster (donation welcome)

Sunday 6th May, 11-7pm

Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road, London, SW3 5EE