•• Joint comfort and mobility
•• Helps to support strong bones and teeth
•• Improved elimination of toxic compounds
•• Antioxidant



The composition of TIENS Nutrient Calcium Powderoffers a balanced combination of Calcium andvitamins A and D. This combination of minerals andvitamins promotes a highly efficient support to bonemetabolism.Calcium plays a major role in the formation anddevelopment of the bones and teeth, aids bloodcoagulation, muscle contraction and even thetransmission of nerve impulses. Marine calcium is veryrich in bio available calcium which is absorbed by thebody quicker than other calcium sources.

Vitamin A regulates the growth and developmentof the bones, teeth and cellular membranes andcontributes to their reproduction. It is known as the‘eye-care’ ingredient whilst also claimed by many toprotect the body against infections.Vitamin D is also vitally important for the developmentof the bone tissue and for a fast metabolism. Itparticipates in the integration of calcium salts into theorganic matrix of the bones.