Ma’at Subliminal Mind Pro


imagine , when the children are on the computer playing a game.
and you start to program them , from all the negative program, etc

Product Description

Software Program, to program your mind when using the computer.
Chose from 5 program, like success, peak mind, peak health, weight loss, peak performance,
Each program has 50 affirmations, that will flash to the subconscious.
Eg Being successful is very easy for me.
I am achieving my goals every day.
I receive increased income from my work
I am spending less and making more money.
My positive cashflow is increasing.
I surround myself with successful people.
I am more and more prosperous every day.
My successful mindset attracts opportunity.
Good luck follows me in all that I do. I
love to achieve my financial goals.
My monetary goals are easily attainable.
I can easily make more money.
I love to save money and amass wealth.
Every day I become wealthier.
My finances are improving daily.