Rods of maat

Rods of ma’at Earth Ammonite/Tiger eyes



The ma’at rods on this listing is 42mm x10.5cm the ends caps are ammonite and mother of pearl cap on zinc rods and Tiger eyes on copper rodsDSCN1013 DSCN1012 DSCN1010




Hand selected copper rods; (recycle) with new handcrafted 100% pure zinc rods.

Rods are filled with hand selected elements minerals etc large clusters of selected mineral are scale down for use in rods of ma’at.

.all rods have installed within a system of elements (classified) which energize the elements and mineral, within the RODS

The rods of ma’at are sealed with a special alchemy paste, which is known to be use in ancient kemit (Egypt).

The rods are then capped with mother of pearl , which is at least Victorian (100 years old ) The mother of pearl are hand caved to fit the rods, so all rods are unique.

All rods are sealed with elements used in the ancient pyramid and capped with antique mother of pearl (which was used to cover the walls of the ancient healing temples )

Some rods have a special hand selected gem on the ends

These gems, minerals will have been hand, and mind selected for the geometrics’ cut etc.

All rods have energy secrets systems within , (not orgone) plus high energy minerals.

All rods are charge for a period within a 400 million YEARS old hollow pyramid panels made of hard limestone with fossil inclusions of orthoceras,

These rods are only  available from Rods of maat

Product Description

  • Maat ammonite /tiger eyesIf you meditate:  Rods of Ma’at help open up energy channels (meridians) in your body, while energizing, and balancing the chakras. This allows you to become more centered and in tune with the Universal Spirit.
  • If you are ill: These carefully constructed Rods are known to aid in the healing process by energizing the body with healing energy.
  • If you visualize: Since the Rods aid in energizing the body, it means you are in a higher energy state as you visualize, making it easier to manifest your intentions.
  • If you work with energy, you know how depleted you can sometimes feel. The Rods of ma’at quartz can help you energize your body before a session and quickly renergize for your next session.
  • If you are psychic. Regular use of the Rods will put you more in tune with the subtle world around you and increase your powers of perception.
  • If you are stressed. Use the Rods anytime to help you relax and focus your thoughts.

If you have trouble sleeping. Using the Rods in the evening before you go to bed will help you sleep more soundly and peacefully.

The rods of ma’at  earth  one of the rods is filled with a special type of pure coal , increases the biomagnetic forces in the body and aligns the

Body biomagnetic field with earth . the aura will become more attune sensitive ,and strengthened. The meridian systems is balanced.



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