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RODS OF MA’AT Silver Alchemist


Silver plated rods,
Silver has a wide range of use including treatment for cystitis, warts, vaginal
Inflammation, associated with reproductive organs.
Silver works on the metabolic-limb system, stimulating nerve- sense activity.
Silver is a prominent remedy for mental imbalances.
Homeopathy silver is use for chronic hoarseness, neuralgic pain in the joints.
Visual problem, dyslexia, epilepsy, right-left brain imbalance.
The five higher charka above the crown are activated
Silver is truly the moon , that bring a whole range of divine healing
The half that is the one , the front that is the back, the left that is the right,
The white hot fire, that is cold

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Product Description

Synchronization, Alignment, Harmonize, and Heal

Silver-plated and copper energy healing rods, 9 inches length for the divine union of King and Queen.

Connect together with your soul mate, divine partner.(can be held with your partner)

Silverplated Rods contain Herkimer diamond, rare earth magnets at each end, moonstone, quartz points, lapis lazuli, hematite, amethyst, and many more rare gems.

Copper Rods – black earth and red jasper plus Kundalini.  Hematite , magnetite, coal, quartz crystal plus secrets, kundalini.

My Rods are based on various insights  including Valery and  Count Stefan Colonna Waleski, who first released the information about the healing rods to the world.

All rods are similar, in that the gemstones in them are a condensation of bio-cosmic energy. That have a quality of vibration, resonancy, and colours that will affect other things organic and inorganic.

Crystal gemstones are a stable element within the mineral kingdom.What is found in the crystalline  structure is a state of resonancy and harmonics that is able to  resist the permeations of other forms of  resonancy that could lead to the deterioration of  the mineral’s own state of  harmonics. The Crystalline structure contains a stable element  or proper pattern of molecular activity that may act as a proper frequency to  amplify the vibration of other life forms.

A plant, colour, scent, or sound  (mantra, colour therapy, aromatherapy, herbal) all work because of  vibrations, harmonics, and resonance.

Comparacement  between Rods are that the makers of the ‘Wands of  Horus’ (and others) are trying to monopolize the market by not telling the full truth about things as stated in the manuscript written by Waleski.

Rods size length 9in (240 cm by 35cm)  CUSTOM Made to order


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Dimensions 240 x 28 cm