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Made with powdered ingredient
Black tourmaline, citrine, mica , silver, gold, stibnite, plus
Many other’s rare gem’and and elements not commonly know in the meta world.
Magnetite naturally aligns one to the earth’s vibration,and effective for those
Overexposure to radiation.
All the chakras. Meridians, nadis and subtle bodies are stimulated.
Silver, aids brain and circulatory system , works on the metabolic-limb
Stimulating nerve-system, motor nerve are activated.

Silver is associated with the neurological tissue, especially in the brain
Helpful with left-right brain imbalances like autism, visual problem,
Dyslexia, epilepsy, neurological problem.

Gold has been use for wide range of healing including skin cancer, eye dis ease
Headache, paralysis, pneumonia, syphilis , arthritic, rheumatic.
Highly conductive properties gold is a great balancer for the heart chakra.
Increaced conductivity prevents blockages and building of unnecessary
Electrical capacities within the neuron and cellular tissues of the brain
Gold is good for disorder link to collapse of the immune system like diabetes, and muscular dystrophy.

Use for mental powers, mental discipline, and control over the emotion
On the cellular level stimulation of general tissue regeneration.
Use for meditation to remove toxic thought forms.
Increased alignment between the astral, emotional, mental, soul and
Spiritual bodies

All chakras are open and aligned with each other, greater knowledge
Of higher self is stimulated, the pituitary gland is strengthened
The spinal column is aligned.

Made with rubber resin , not common in the orgone market ,(less toxin)
Why would you want to have toxic pendant on your person, that generate’ s
Positive chi energy.
When you can have non toxic rubber resin that generate positive chi energy.
The pendant has a strong defending quality, which will shield one from
Many form of negativety, on all levels.
Can be use in bath’s. place on charka , or hold when meditating
Some of the crystals functions
Protection repel and protect one from negativity, and from excessive radiation
Dispels , spell’s and return to the sender, or transmute to positive energy.
Help to get rid of unwanted thought’s and bring joy and peace.
Help’s to shield you from all negative energy due to the energy build around the aura

Natural balance, dispel static electricity, harmonize , energize thought’s
Provide clarity in mind.
Negative pollutants, negative vibrations physical protector.
Can be use in your bath , swimming pool
The ma’at orgone pendant will have a dynamic and useful energising effects for all people , due to the gemstone’s , chosen for their function’s on the whole electro- magnetic body’s . Often they will work best if worn all day and night. The benefits of a plentiful chi energy includes both mental (emotional) and physical well being. They tend to boost good mood.

For most people we recommend that they wear the pendant suspended in the heart center area (top 1/3 of the middle of the chest) the effect is more dynamic and potent and the energy is well distributed.

info on request.
Not like other orgone pendant’s on the market ,
These are made to be the most powerful on the market
With info from ancient times pass, The times of Atlantis

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