RODS OF MA’AT mystic


Pure zinc and copper rods

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Rods of ma’at mystic and coal or custom made .

Mystic rod’s  are for people who are clear about the power’s in the  cosmic  gem’s  at energy work. synchronizing, the  subtle body’s with the earth’s.

All rods are similar, in that the gemstones in them are a condensation of bio-cosmic energy. That have a quality of vibration, resonance, and colours that will affect other things organic and inorganic.

Crystal gemstones are a stable element within the mineral kingdom.What is found in the crystalline  structure is a state of resonance and harmonics that is able to  resist the permeation of other forms of  resonance that could lead to the deterioration of  the mineral’s own state of  harmonics. The Crystalline structure contains a stable element , or proper pattern of molecular activity that may act as a proper frequency to  amplify the vibration of other life forms.

A plant, colour, scent, or sound  (mantra, colour therapy, aromatherapy, herbal) all work because of  vibrations, harmonics, and resonance.

Rods of ma’at mystic,  will support and manifest the following within you. email for info

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Dimensions 28 × 156 cm


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