How does Orgone energy heal your soul?

At present, stress & tension rule substantially the whole world. These issues are inflicted due to the absence of direction & positivity in the lives of people. Muscle relaxants & sleeping pills might have paved theirRead More...
Ernest Nelson-Homiah | Nov 18, 2020

Emotional Healing – How to Heal Your Emotions the Right Way

Some incidents in life can leave emotional scarring so deep, it’s hard to overcome it in conventional way. Throughout their lives, humans go through various emotional upheavals. While some are temporary, others can last for aRead More...
Ernest Nelson-Homiah | Oct 13, 2020

How does Orgone energy healing help revive your wellness and vitality?

Orgone is a non-empirical idea variously disclosed as universal theoretical lifeblood or obscure, untapped energy. An Austrian psychoanalyst and doctor of medicine, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, discovered orgone energy. While doing experiments with airborne pathogens during the 1930s, Dr. ReichRead More...
Ernest Nelson-Homiah | Oct 8, 2020