Simon – age 45

Simon used the Rods for 15 minutes whilst seated in the garden. He had been suffering from severe Eczema on his hands and feet for quite some time. He had tried various creams but they had never worked for him. After using the Rods, Simon noticed an improvement after only 3-4 days and within 2 weeks, all of his Eczema had cleared up. He had been initially very sceptical on the usage and benefits of the Rods, but since experiencing them, he highly recommends using them. 

Male – age 36

This man reported a clearing of his blurred vision that had been present in one eye, after holding the Rods for just 7 minutes. 

Female – age over 50

This lady had suffered with Eczema for nearly 50 years. This problem had affected various members of her family also. She had experimented with various creams and treatments including the changing of her washing detergent and her bed linens. Her condition cleared up completely after using the Rods for 3 weeks. 

Female – age 7

This little girl had experienced a flu-like fever and had been unable to attend school. On using the Rods in the evening, her temperature cooled and all her other flu-like symptoms disappeared. 


This was a baby who had Eczema. Her mother left her holding the Rods in her hands whilst she was in her cot. The very next day, the mother reported that her baby had slept all night without sleep disturbance, without itching and had finished all of her milk. 

Grandmother – aged approximately 80

This was an elderly Grandmother with various deterioating and recurring ailments and who had been semi-crippled for most of her life. On using the Rods, she reported experiencing tingling in the regions of her arms. Later she said she felt sleepy and then total relaxation. 

Male – age not given

Greetings. Sorry to take so long with my reply and feedback. I would like to say that I use my Rods every day and most days I now sleep with the Rods under my pillow. I found that in the first few weeks that the intensity or sensations were very minimal. Despite this, I knew that changes were taking place internally, as a left groin pain I have had for a number of years, had almost immediately disappeared. The longest period of time I have ‘rodded’ [as I call it] has been approximately for 15-20 minutes. After this length of time, I become so relaxed that I practically fall asleep. I finally stopped smoking as of the week commencing the 19th October and after 23 years of smoking, I think that I have a lot of junk to clear out of my system. My daily fruit intake has increased from 0-1 a day/week to 5-a-day, barring the weekends when it changes somewhat. Also, my intake of drinking water has increased, which can only help. From the 3rd November 2010, I started the Jewel Pookrums Brain Balancing Program. A lot of the time, I use the Rods at the same time as implementing the Focusing Program. I have found that whilst Balancing and using the Rods then Focusing, my breathing intensifies and the sensations of the Rods can be felt in my arms and my hands. I predominantly assume the Master Position whilst using the Rods. I arise at 4.45am which is when I do most of my ‘rodding.’ All in all, I am loving the gradual changes I am experiencing internally as I strive towards perfection. You, Ernest, have my sincere gratitude for bringing forth these Tools of Healing and I extend to you all the very best wishes. 



2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi to all

    My James and I have been taking MMS for the past 6 weeks. As a diabetic suffer I have noticed a definitely noticed a 50% improvement in my vision. Thank Ernest.

  2. Hello!
    Me with my wife had a lovely experience to try out the Rods. We had so far a 15 minutes tasting session. Was absolutely love it. Having a busy and stressful work schedule and not enough rest its take a tool on our health. After the session we felt much more relaxed. We felt the heavy energy has changed around our body.
    We bought some Orgone, which we using for the energy cleaning. And planning to buy Rods as well. We recommend for everybody who have a stressful live.

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