‘Aura’ Photographs – ‘Before’ & ‘AfterAura’ Holding The Rods of Ma’at:

Visibility & Visualisation is worth a thousand words. At last! Results you can see for yourself!


The above video illustrates a brief explanation of the true & genuine benefits of using the Rods of Ma’at for just 10 minutes via the Aura video above.

Please note: in the top right hand corner of each photograph, is the time of when the photograph was taken. The subsequent photographs were taken after a 10 minute session of holding the Rods of Ma’at. It is clear to see how everyone who partook of these sessions experienced a positive shift within their energy systems.

General Data collected from a variety of Individuals using the Rods for 5-15 minutes:

90% of people reported tingling, pulsating, vibrating and/or currents in areas of the body such as the arms, legs and other parts of the body. A number felt felt or energy or burning sensations in parts of their bodies which they had identified as personal problem areas. A high percentage of people who used the Rods reported feeling ‘grounded’ with a feeling of reduced stress levels.

90% of the females reported ‘seeing’ or ‘visioning’ various colours, including red, blue and green, linked to the Chakras [centres of spiritual powers within the human body. Chakras correspond to vital points in the physical body relating to vital energy]. A number of these females were conscious of the Sacral Chakra being balanced. Others reported of how emotional issues connected to the stomach area were cleansed. A few specifically mentioned the feeling of a ‘stroking’ sensation around the stomach area. One particular lady, who suffered with on-going womb issues, held the Rods, immediately dropped them, retrieved them and proceeded to go into a relaxed state. She then lay down and had an instant insight that her problem was stress-related.

A female Practitioner of Holistic Health, reported her experiences of holding the Rods as ‘very moving’ and ‘indescribable.’ She said she experienced the sensation of her head ‘rocking.’ As this ‘rocking’ was a non-physical sensation, it could well have been a re-alignment of the etheric or astral body.

Another female Practitioner was able to enter a deeper state of meditation and visualised the awakening of her 3rd eye. She stated categorically that she would recommend using the Rods to anyone in reference to any ailments, whether they be physical or non-physical.

Another lady who had very recently experienced the trauma and upheaval of divorce, reported how her 10 year old son became more relaxed and well-adjusted after using the Rods.

Data recorded at the Thames Valley Festival London 2010:

A young man who had suffered an accident with a surf board, reported that on using the Rods, how he felt a sense of receiving a lot of energy. He likened the use of the Rods to attending a Reflexology session.

Another lady at the Festival, after using the Rods, reported having a vision of entering her house to find a large table in the house where a man and a woman were seated. In her vision everything in the room was white or had a shimmer of white light.

Yet another lady reported a ‘wrenching’ around the heart chakra which was later smoothed out as healing occurred. A number of people reported receiving messages on certain issues and others of a feeling of energy being pulled or a type of energy vortex. One lady said she experienced strong palpitations in her hands and that despite relaxing her grip, how the palpitations grew stronger, which surprised her.

Some reported experiencing spontaneous astral travel and out of body sensations/experiences, including wanting to come out of their bodies.

A martial arts instructor gave feedback to an energy balancing around his spine originating through his feet. He took this to mean a balancing of his nervous system starting at the lower back of the head where the spine ends.

Observations by the Creator of the Rods of Ma’at:

As an avid observer, I have seen a number of things, inclusive of repairment, alignment, jerking & pulsating, which the holders of the Rods may or may not have seen.

Whilst using the Rods myself, I experienced vibrating and heat sensations. I have felt movement on the 3rd eye, pulsating and tingling around the forehead and crown charkra. I have also experienced an awareness and increase of synchronicity: an increased awareness of active participation in the creative principles and also a reduction of general stress. As I was in the process of cutting the metal for the Rods to make a special measured Rod of the Royal Cubic, it was amazing to realise that the length of material remaining was the exact measurement that was required.

On Jewel Pookram’s Radio Show, a caller gave thanks and appreciations to Ernest Nelson-Homiah for the healing effects the Rods of Ma’at have had on her father. This lady [name not given] had originally purchased the Rods for herself in October 2010. Once received, she had then decided to give them to her 82 year old Father, who had suffered with Parkinsons Disease for over 20 years. Despite having little knowledge of how the mind can heal the body, they decided to give the Rods a try. His symptoms included impaired speech, which was described as very quiet with a depressed ‘tone.’ His speech made it very difficult for him to communicate with his family. He slept for long periods at a time and was unable to eat unaided. The lady went on to share how her Father had undergone an operation to remove his colon, during which he had lost a large volume of blood and suffered a punctured lung, all of which had left him very weak. To this end, she had taught her Father how to use the Rods, with the knowledge that she would return to check up on him and his progress in two weeks time. The lady reported how she had spoken with her mother in two weeks time and how it was that her Father was now able to stand by his chair unaided and march on the spot to get some exercise. She was thrilled at how she could now talk to her Father on the telephone and more importantly, understand what he was saying. He no longer spoke in a whisper, he was actually audible in his speech and stating how he was ‘going to walk again.’ “After Thanks Giving and after I had seen him again, he had used the Rod and had progressed a great deal in my own personal opinion and from what I witnessed.” She further adds that “On 22nd January, we were having dinner and my mother called me over to say that he was now eating rice with a fork. This was truly remarkable.” 

It is worth noting here that few people have held the Rods and remained cold.