Ma’at Foundation Therapies provides you with a dependable, personal therapy formulated to help solve your problems, and to place you back in control of your thoughts and actions, thus allowing you to enjoy life to the full. At last, you can regain control of your life, greatly reducing or eliminating:

  • Stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, panic attacks, fear of flying, anger management
  • Stop smoking, weight loss, post traumatic stress disorder, relationship problems
  • Speaking in public, socialising, or any other phobia holding you back
  • Elimination of trauma, negativity and self-sabotage
  • Replacement of anger and frustration with calmness and peace of mind.

Using our systems and therapies, you will will be able to balance the subtle energy systems of your mind and body and rapidly dissolve stored negative emotions and limiting beliefs and issues.

Our highly-trained specialists are pleased to offer you the following services:

We are so confident you will be thrilled with the results that we offer you a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE with TFT!

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Clinics are held in Blackheath  Home visits can be arranged if needed.

We also offer a unique one to one personal session treatment via the telephone by prior arrangement, anywhere in the world (only available with Thought Field Therapy). 

Special offer of telephone sessions [lasting 15 minutes] on special offer for only £10.00. This special offer will be for a limited time only.

To book a session, please call Ernest Nelson-Homiah on 020 8698 8138 [Evenings] or 07939076033 or email info@ne.maatfoundationtherapies.com
TFT is formally recognised by the NHS Trust Association
as an effective and safe alternative treatment for a wide range of emotional problems.

Satisfaction Guaranteed                                                       Rods of maat

If you meditate: Rods of ma’at help open up energy channels (meridians) in your body, while energizing, and balancing the chakras. This allows you to become more centered and in tune with the Universal Spirit.
• If you are ill: These carefully constructed Rods are proven to aid in the healing process by energizing the body with healing energy.
• If you visualize: Since the Rods aid in energizing the body, it means you are in a higher energy state as you visualize, making it easier to manifest your intentions.
• If you work with energy, you know how depleted you can sometimes feel. The Crystal Rods can help you energize your body before a session and quickly renergize for your next session.
• If you are psychic. Regular use of the Rods will put you more in tune with the subtle world around you and increase your powers of perception.
• If you are stressed. Use the Rods anytime to help you relax and focus your thoughts.
• If you have trouble sleeping. Using the Rods in the evening before you go to bed will help you sleep more soundly and peacefully.



Special limited silver plated rods on request custom crafted.