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“I had dental problems for 25 years , I waited for 7 years before going for treatment due to my phobia. I even had nightmares about dentists ,when under sedation I use to fight and be abusive with dentist, until the dentist said he could not treat me .After a treatment of the therapy with Maat Foundation, I was able to have a rootcanal treatment without sedation. The dentist said I was the easiest treatment he has done, I feel over the moon, no more nightmare, more confident, heavy burden lifted, and it just feel natural to have treatment at the dentist.” Romana, Surrey

“We are pleased to offer Thought Field Therapy at Rushey Green Dental Practice by Mr Ernest Nelson-Homiah. As a dentist I often come across many nervous patients who feel anxious or scared of dental treatment, being given an anaesthetic injection or the drilling. There are a few treatments available such as different types of sedation, hypnosis or General Anaesthetic. Many of these are invasive and involve foreign drugs being administered to the patient, which is not entirely risk free.

I have had many trial cases of my long term patients with Ernest. These patients would only accept dental treatment under sedation and nothing else would aid them. The results have been astonishing. A number of these patients, after only one session could go through complex dental treatment such as Root Canal treatment without any form of sedation whilst calm and comfortable. In an interview after the treatment they all stated that they felt a lot calmer and were practicing techniques taught to them by Ernest.

I consider Thought Field Therapy to be a strong alternative to conventional anxiety control techniques. Main advantage is that, it is a form of non-invasive drug-free anxiety control treatment. I, now with confidence recommend this therapy to all my patients. Dr. O Dadashian, Principal Dentist

“When it was suggested I tried thought field therapy I was scepitcal. I was willing to anything if, it
was going to improve matters, the therapy seems to have relaxed my mind about dentist.I do feel a bit more relaxed and confident , I also have to say that Ernest of Maat Foundation is a very understanding and gentle healer. I would recommend anyone who has similar problems, to try it. Sally Roberts, Catford