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Innovative Thought Field Therapy a Fast, Effective Treatment for Dental Phobia


London Southeast Newspaper Article: 16th July 2009

People struggling with dental phobia can now effectively address their condition with Thought Field Therapy [TFT], available through qualified and trained Practitioners such as Ernest Nelson-Homiah, who is an Advanced Level 2 Practitioner who trained at London’s renowned Regent College with Charles Stone.

Ernest specialises in utilising Thought Field Therapy [TFT] to treat dental phobias via the Maat Foundation Therapies. 

Thought Field Therapy [TFT] can successfully be used to treat a variety of phobias and numerous other types of emotional distresses. 

In addition to treating dental phobias, this technique can combat various other ailments, inclusive of: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Pain, Fear of Heights, Fear of Public Speaking & Flying, to name but a few.

The TFT approach stimulates the energy meridians or pathways of the body to resolve problems within the body’s own emotional control system. Essentially, negative emotions are ‘switched off.’ TFT works similar to acupuncture – except no needles are required. Instead, patients tap on various parts of the body with their fingers to enable them to alleviate their problems. 

“A specific sequence of tapping points is diagnosed by a TFT Practitioner for each individual problem” explained Ernest Nelson-Homiah. The clients simply tap on these points whilst they think of their problem or problems. They can do self-care treatment after being shown how to administer the technique.” 

TFT is a natural, non-invasive system of treatment that can be delivered whilst the patients – who remain fully clothed and aware of their surroundings – are standing upright, sitting or lying down. Patients do not have to face the embarassment or discomfort of discussing their problems whilst undergoing treatment. TFT patients have an 80-97% success rate with absolutely NO adverse side-effects. 

“The results are frequently amazing, as emotional problems often disappear within minutes,” continues Ernest Nelson-Homiah. “90% of clients only ever need the one treatment to remedy their condition. 22% of the dental phobia population can now have telephone or home treatments before going to the dentist and stay conscious during their visit, avoiding sedation and it’s side-effects.” 

Dr. O. Dadashian, Principal Dentist at Rushey Green Dental Practice, has witnessed favourable results from the implementation of TFT with his patients. Dr. O. Dadashian said: “After only one session with Maat Therapies, my patients could sit through entire treatments without any form of sedation and stay calm and comfortable. I consider TFT to be a strong alternative to conventional techniques and would highly recommend it.” 

TFT is a unique form of psychotherapy backed by almost 30 years of research and development. It was discovered in 1980 by Dr. Roger Callahan PhD, one of America’s most experienced and distinguised Clinical Psychologists. Through his application of an alternative therapy called Applied Kinesiology, he ultimately pioneered what is known as Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy. 

Today, TFT provides a rapid and efficient way to diagnose and treat negative emotions such as dental phobias. Dental phobia is a paralysing fear that keeps many people from seeking dental care. The fear of medical and dental treatments is a common phobia that affects a significant number of people in the UK and worldwide, according to the British Thought Field Therapy Association [BTFTA]. The treatment of dental phobia via TFT is helping patients regain their dental health, confidence and self-esteem.

For further information about the treatment of dental phobia and other negative emotional issues via TFT please contact Ernest Nelson-Homiah on 0800 298 5367 or 07939076033.