Terms and Conditions

Provision of Therapy.

No therapy offered on this site is a substitute, or an alternative, for traditional medicine.

The client should consult their GP on any matter concerning their health and well-being, and that any failure to do so will be taken as an assumption of risk.

The client must accept that any information provided to them by  maatfoundation Therapist or helper, is not to be construed as medical advice or instruction.

The client must accept that they may, or may not, feel an improvement in their condition after the first treatment session.

The client must accept that some problems may need several sessions of treatment before any improvement is achieved, and that the number of treatment sessions needed to achieve a beneficial outcome is an unknown.
Treatment Guarantee: if a reduction in severity of the patients symptoms is not achieved in the first session of treatment, by his/her own report, then no charge for such treatment will be made.