Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy

What is Thought Field Therapy? [TFT]

Thought Field Therapy [TFT] is a new technique for the rapid relief of all kinds of emotional distresses. It works rather like accupuncture by stimulating the body’s energy meridians to resolve problems with regards to the body’s emotional control system. However, with TFT no needles are used. Instead, the patient taps on various parts of the body with their fingers. The results are frequently amazing as emotional problems often disappear in minutes. 

What can TFT be used for?

TFT was originally developed as a treatment for phobias and traumatic stresses. Further research has meant that TFT can now be used to treat a wide variety of problems inclusive of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, grief, acute trauma, PTSD, anger, guilt, pain, sexual problems, addictions [including foods, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, nail-biting, etc] and much more. 

How was TFT discovered?

TFT was discovered in 1980 by Dr. Roger Callahan PhD, who is one of America’s most experienced and distinguished Clinical Psychologists. Dr. Callahan was dissatisfied with conventional therapy techniques, which he found to be time consuming and largely ineffective. He became interested in an alternative therapy known as Applied Kinesiology [AK], which addresses the body’s energy meridian system and he realised that some of its techniques could have a positive application in the rapid and effective diagnosis and treatment of negative emotions. 

The first patient treated with what we now know and recognise as TFT was a middle-aged lady called Mary. Mary had a severe phobia of water. [This type of phobia is known as Aquaphobia].

Dr. Callahan had previously treated Mary for approximately 18 months without much success, using conventional methods. One day, with little or no further conventional treatments left to offer, he experimented with his newly found technique. He knew that Mary had described her fear as being felt in her stomach and he also knew that the stomach meridian began under the eyes. With this knowledge, he simply tried finger tapping under her eyes. Her phobia promptly vanished and has not returned, to this day. 

Dr. Callahan soon discovered that this simple treatment was ineffective with most other patients, but as a result of years of research and experimentation, he noticed a genuine surge in the success rates as they increased. The end product was what we now know and refer to as the ‘Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy [TFT].’

How does TFT work?

According to Dr. Callahan’s theory, whenever we think of something, we are effectively tuning into a specific ‘Thought Field’ in as much the same way that a TV must be tuned to receive a specific channel. Held within that energy field are the coded information patterns used by the mind and body to generate the entire emotional experience associated with that thought. This is why the experience is always identical – the same ‘instructions’ are followed each time. Dr. Callahan has named these as ‘perturbations’ [the dictionary definition means: ‘a cause of mental disquietude’].

By tapping on the correct meridian treatment points, in a specific sequence, these perturbations can be deactivated, thereby ‘switching off’ the emotional experience. The individual can now think about what emotional issues troubled them as much as they like, as memory remains unaffected, but the negative emotions [anxiety, anger, guilt, etc], associated with it will no longer be present. 

What is TFT’s success rate?

The success rate of TFT depends on the experience and the competence of the Practitioner. However, even an Algorithm Practitioner who uses pre-defined sets of tapping sequences [algorithms] to treat problems can obtain on average, an 80% success rate. 

The next level of competency is that of the Diagnostic Practitioner, who implements techniques derived from AK to devise made-to-measure tapping sequences which are effective with patients at a 94% success rate. A Diagnostic Practitioner may also check the patient or client for various ‘toxins’ which may well be affecting the patient or client’s health and/or preventing TFT from working properly and completely. 

The highest level of competency is that of the Voice Technology [VT] Practitioner. By analysing your voice, using special technology, the VT Practitioner is able to devise a tapping sequence which is effective with 97% of the population. 

Of course, the other side of the coin is that there is a failure rate of between 3-20%. Considerably less than that of any other therapy, but of course, this means that no guarantee of total success can be attributed in any individual case. 

What is meant by “toxins”?

The toxins recognised in TFT are not the same as the toxins of conventional medicine, which are true poisons such as: carbon monoxide, cyanide, arsenic, etc. 

Instead, the toxins are seemingly inocuous substances, such as sugar, chocolate, corn and wheat – all of which can disrupt the body’s energetic control systems and therefore prevent the perturbations in Thought Fields from being deactivated permanently. 

Toxins can also include inhaled substances, for example, cigarette smoke, perfumes and various substances which may be in contact with your skin, such as washing detergents. It may be necessary to avoid contact with these substances for a few weeks [or in some cases, permanently], to allow the energy system to restore itself. 

How does the success rate of TFT compare with other therapies?

The simple answer is that there is no comparison! Even the 80% success rate enjoyed by Algorithm Practitioners is far better than that achieved by the majority of the most experienced and competent practitioners of other therapies. For example, the overall success rate of hypnotherapy in stopping people smoking [measured at 6 months post-treatment] is only approximately 30%, with a few highly competent hypnotherapists managing approximately 70% success rates. Some traditional therapists are so ineffective that no success rates have ever been published! 

How many treatment sessions might be required?

TFT treatments either work immediately or do not work at all. Therefore, for a simple problem – a single session lasting for about 30 to 90 minutes, is usually all that is required, possibly with a follow-up session at a later date. The patient or client may also be provided with self-help instructions for use at home if your therapist considers that this will be of personal benefit. 

However, it should be noted that more complex problems often require further treatment/s as layers of the overall problem reveal themselves.  Whether or not you will need additional sessions cannot be reliably predicted and so you should be prepared for this eventuality.

That said, it is very rare for more than five [5] sessions to be required. 

In comparison, traditional psychotherapies sometimes require patients to continue therapy for weeks, months or even years – and often without significant improvement/s. 

Will the treatment last?

For most problems, if the correct tapping sequence is administered, then the problem will disappear and the effects will endure over time. One exception is in regards to the treatment of addictions, where the tapping sequence may have to be repeated whenever the addictive urge returns, usually for about a period of 3 weeks. If you have TFT treatment for something other than an addiction and the symptoms return, this usually indicates an exposure to a toxin. Your therapist should be able to assist the patient or client to identify this toxic substance so that it can be avoided in the future. 

TFT is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive system to eliminate the root cause of all negative emotions.

Thought Field Therapy allows you to STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING!

The British Thought Field Therapy Association UK is well established with increasing numbers of Psychologists, Doctors and Consultants discovering TFT’s remarkable abilities to resolve even the most complex issues in a fraction of the time taken by conventional approaches.

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