Ma’at radiation clear


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Vibrational gem elixir remedies
Many gemstone have a specific resonancy, or harmonic with part’s of the body to
which their healing properties are attributed.
Gemstones are potent cosmic,electro-magnetic waves ,which is a colour.
All colour have a definite wave lenght, which is frequency, a vibration.
All in the universe is in vibration, the wave of the electro-magnetic spectrum
serve almost limitless number of uses- radio, television, infra-red photography,
ultra-violet lamp, x-ray.
The medical profession has come to realised that colors can be use to stimulate or depress
irritation or discomfort, happy or sad etc.
Like the herbs, aroma smell, sound, a look, a movement, all is vibrational .
Disease, has been traced to the cellular level and the biomolecular system.
The body is healed by energy, from the biomolecular level
Sapphire and gold , plus other powerful gems to clean the radiation and all miasms from your
body, all the level;s

Miasms are various subtle imbalances residing in the cells and subtle bodies that are

activated to cause numerous disease when karmic pattern prevail

Gonorrhea , syphilitic , tuberculosis , radiation , petrochemical and heavy metal miasm,  can all

be treated with this gem elixir
Gold has been use for wide range  of healing including skin cancer, eye dis ease
Headache, paralysis, pneumonia, syphilis , arthritic, rheumatic.
Gold a potent for all radiation and miasm heavy metal, petrochemical, and karma dis ease
Highly conductive properties gold is a great balancer for the heart chakra.
Increaced conductivity prevents blockages and building of unnecessary
Electrical capacities within the neuron and cellular tissues of the brain
Gold is good for disorder link to collapse of the immune system like diabetes, and muscular dystrophy.
All chakras are open and aligned with each other, greater knowledge
Of higher self is stimulated, the pituitary gland is strengthened
The spinal column is aligned.
30ml bottle

There has being some very heavy spraying , in the sky’s over the the last couple
of week’s so the picture showing the chemtrails.

These picture’s where taken in may 20011