Ma’at subliminal brain program




Take control of your brain.

Using state-of-the-art subliminal technology, you can become change! This unique software program offers you the opportunity to program your mind for positive change, simply by being at your computer.

This mind-programming software flashes powerful subliminal messages specifically formulated to effectively program your subconscious mind for positive results.


This program is very powerful yet very easy to use. There are several pre-programmed subliminal sessions. Simply click the appropriate buttons to launch the Subliminal Mind Program session for that topic.

PEAK MIND SUBLIMINAL SESSION: Select this option to develop your brain power. This session is ideal for accelerated learning, memory enhancement and overall cognitive development. Develop the innate genius that you are!

PEAK BODY SUBLIMINAL SESSION: Select this option to promote optimal health. This session is great for maximizing your health, improving self-healing, increasing energy levels and boosting your immune system. Reverse the aging of your physical clock!

PEAK PERFORMANCE SUBLIMINAL SESSION: Select this option to enhance your mental and physical performance. Improve your performance at training, sports, your career, sales, education or any other performance-related tasks. Become a top performer in your field!

SUCCESS & PROSPERITY SUBLIMINAL SESSION: Select this option to bring success and financial abundance into your life. This session is perfect for bringing prosperity, creating good luck and increasing your money situation. Program yourself for success!

WEIGHT LOSS SUBLIMINAL SESSION: Select this option to lose weight. This session is ideal for losing weight, speeding your metabolism, eating healthier and increasing your desire to exercise. Choose this session to shed any unwanted pounds.

CUSTOM SUBLIMINAL SESSION: Select this option to launch your own customized subliminal session. The CUSTOM session can be personalized with 50 subliminal messages that you can create yourself. This CUSTOM session already contains a wide variety of empowering subliminal messages so you can use them as they are or edit them however you choose.

You can follow the instructions below in the CUSTOMIZING YOUR OWN SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES section to write your own messages, affirmations or suggestions by editing the master text file included with this program.

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