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MMS is simply sodium chlorite in solution, (note NOT sodium chloride which is common table salt) which when added to citric acid reacts to create chlorine dioxide, which is a greenish gas. The chlorine dioxide gas is what kills pathogens when for instance used to purify water. By dissolving the gas in water a yellow solution is made, which is easier to keep, transport and use. The gas remains in solution if kept below 11 degrees Centigrade, i.e. in a fridge. It is OK to transport it at higher temperatures provided it is kept in a sealed container, and not opened until it is returned to below 11 degrees Centigrade (at least 2 hours in a fridge). CDS is better than MMS as it only contains the pathogen killing gas and none of the sodium chlorite or citric acid, which will not only taste bad, but will cause other side effects if consumed. So CDS = MMS without the nasties!
1ml of CDS is equivalent to 3 drops of MMS.

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wpsMa’at Life Solution CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) – a gas which is a by-product of MMS.

Water Purification

The gas kills pathogens without the need for the complicated procedure of mixing citric acid and sodium chlorite when making MMS. The chlorine smell of MMS is eliminated in CDS.  1ml of 3,000ppm CDS equals 3 drops of MMS
As a water purification solution it is used all over the world for the purpose of killing pathogens. Many companies sell it in small bottles so you can use it any way you like for various purification jobs. Makes Ma’at sense, that the first place to clear should be your body and mind.

Download the Basic Science of Chlorine Dioxide (word.doc)

How  to  store:  Refrigerator  or freezer  with  tight  lid.   CDS  ischlorine  dioxide  gas  (yellow)  in  asolution  of  distilled  water.   It comes out of solution, appearing as vapor or smoke, when it gets above 50 degrees F (10 C).  Store in the refrigerator in an air tight container.   Can  also  be  stored  in  the freezer and thawed as needed. All liquids expand when they freeze, so be sure to allow space in the bottle for  expansion.  The  CDS  should maintain full strength 4-12 weeks in the refrigerat or (possibly longer in the freezer) and even after 4months in the fridge will have halfstrength at least according to our best  information.   Loose  lids  will cause it to off-gas and become ineffective in a few days.

► Instructions at a Glance ◄● Store in refrigerator or freezer.● Drink 1 ml CDS added to 4 fl. oz. (120 ml)    ● Full day’s doses in one 1 quart/liter bottle

EPA’s guidance manual describes the properties and uses of Chlorine Dioxide

What is a pathogen?

Science Daily describes a pathogen as:

“A pathogen or infectious agent is a biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host.
..Some pathogens have been found to be responsible for massive amounts of casualties and have had numerous effects on afflicted groups.”

Read the full article and more about pathogens here

Ma’at Life Solution is one of the most powerful killers of pathogens known to man.





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