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MMS2 is made from calcium hypochlorite, which is a water purifier used for swimming pools and many other water purification uses – including some public water works. When calcium hypochlorite is dissolved in water, it becomes hypochlorous acid with the formula of HOCl. This formula means that one atom of hydrogen, one atom of oxygen, and one atom of chlorine is held together with electrons, creating a molecule of this acid. Normally this acid, hypochlorous acid, will do most of the things that MMS will do. It is usually used in combination with MMS in bringing health to those with what is normally called incurable diseases. It has consistently been proven that MMS2 aids the action of MMS (MMS1) towards health. The hypochlorous acid molecule is an oxidizer that is a little bit more powerful than oxygen. It can pull 2 electrons away from a substance that is oxidizable. These electrons then come over and destroy the balance of the electrons of the hypochlorous acid which destroys it, releasing all the components which, are of course, HOC

Calcium Hypochlorite is a biocide. It quickly forms Hypochlorous acid when added to water. Although the capsules are said to contain only Calcium Hypochlorite, the actual breakdown is Calcium and Chlorine making up a minimum of 65%. The balance of the material is mostly salt, with minor amounts of Chloride, Hydroxide and Carbonate.

To purify drinking water using MMS2: The contents of one MMS2 capsule added to 50 litres of water will kill most known pathogens. Leave the water for at least 30 minutes before drinking to ensure sufficient time for the product to get to work.

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This product is for water purification

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