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Reiki Healing and Mental Health: Decoding the Mysteries of Energy Healing!

Reiki, an ancient Japanese spiritual meditation technique, helps heal one’s body by harnessing the power of chi, which is the internal energy each and every one of us has within us. The word itself has two parts, Rei, meaning “The eternal being,” and Ki, which means “chi.” Reiki aims to spiritually lift the body, mind, and soul of a person.

A Reiki practitioner gathers universal energy into their palms and transfers if to the person to work its magic. It’s a safe and natural way to cleanse the body and mind and help one heal from within. The benefits of this technique will make you want to heal your loved ones too once you experience the spirituality of reiki healing, London.

The following are some of the benefits of connecting reiki healing with mental health and welfare: –

1-Keeps anxiety at bay and prevents mental fatigue

Anxiety can be a killer of social interactions and can cause a lot of mental fatigue due to overthinking and irrational reasoning. Reiki healing can provide an alternative and safe way as compared to medications by healing the body through the power of spiritual guidance and harnessing of universal energies. All charkas of the body are stimulated, and the body begins to heal itself from within when one practices reiki healing.

For Reiki healing, London, the healing practitioners try to channel the universal energy through their palms to flow through your body. When the energy flows through the body, it washes away all the stress, anxiety, and worries like water take away all dirt when it flows through a channel. This will take away all the negative and unnecessary thoughts from the mind, and you may then look at life for the beauty that it is.

2-Can be used to manage depression

Our subconscious mind keeps thinking about the problems of yesterday, today, and tomorrow irrespective of us working on it. Depression often forms from such overthinking and is responsible for a lot of sorrow in the society. Reiki healing aims to heal the subconscious mind by channeling universal positive energy through it, which helps in reducing mental pressure.

In a study conducted by researchers in 2010, it was found that reiki can help relieve the symptoms of depression in some adults. The healing energy relaxes the mind and elevates the mood. The mental and emotional pain of depression can be very challenging to cope with; reiki healing, London aims to minimize that pain by opening some of the charka gates within the body.

3-Better focus and sleeping cycle

When the universal energy flows through the body, it helps in resetting the body’s internal clock, which in turn leads to a better sleeping cycle. The body is synchronized with the mind, and the healing begins from within. When the body and mind work in coordination with each other, it becomes easier to focus all energy on the task at hand.

When you take part in reiki healing, London, you enroll yourself in a whole process of healing, which stimulates seven chakras of the body.

The Chakras

The body consists of seven chakras which reiki aims to open and stimulate: –

  • The crown chakra: The seventh primary chakra responsible for harnessing the energy of the cosmos. This is the chakra of wisdom and connectivity, which acts as the center point of the mind.
  • The third eye: The sixth primary chakra, our intuition, lies with it. Gut feeling, sixth sense, whatever you may call it. This chakra protects us from the things we can’t fathom by guiding us every step of the way.
  • The throat chakra: The fifth primary chakra and the elemental chakra of communication, speech, sound, and vibrations. This chakra governs our speech; therefore, it is necessary to purify it because our thoughts come from our words. Purifying speech with the mind will maintain the balance of sanctity in us.
  • The heart chakra: This is the fourth primary chakra – the love chakra. Affection, empathy, and compassion, this chakra has the elemental control of the greater good, which is within all humans. Healing this chakra will help you find forgiveness, get over the grief, and will fill you with the utmost gratitude.
  • The solar plexus: This is the third primary chakra situated in our abdomen. The elemental warrior energy chakra! Stimulating and purifying it results in a boost of self-esteem and confidence.
  • The sacral chakra: Intimacy, desires, sexuality, wealth, and joy are all the child of the sacral chakra. When its energy is harnessed, we can let go and deal with the problems with inner and outer relationships.
  • The root chakra: As the name suggests – root, it provides us with stability just like the roots of a tree. When we harness the energy of this chakra, it provides us with a solid foundation, and we are able to take a grounded approach towards life.

When you are experiencing and harnessing the power of all the chakras in reiki healing, London, you will feel a divine blessing flowing within you, elevating your sense of existence and making you grateful for every little thing that does good to you and also letting go of the things you cannot control. Once all the negative feelings and emotions are out of your system, and you can channel your heart, your true desires will be clear to you. You will know what you want from life, and you won’t pursue irrelevant things anymore. You will want to flush out the toxic people who drag you down, leave abusive relationships, and form more genuine connections when you harness the power of all the inner chakras and utilize the power of the universe for your own by practicing reiki healing.


Reiki healing, London has all the benefits without any side effects. When you learn to harness the universal energy and make it your own, you will find the inner peace you have been looking for all your life. This ancient practice has been around since the twentieth century and has helped numerous people in achieving their goals, get out of deep depression, and prevent anxiety. It is a safe alternative to traditional medicine; all you have to do is to let go and believe in the universe and yourself.

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