Gold Gem Elixirs cosmic drink 50ml


crafted with secret water



It is said that gold symbolizes the universal spirit in its perfect purity. Thus it purifies the dense physical body. Gold can rebuild the nervous system and is good for multiple sclerosis. Gold is extensively used in anthroposophical medicine. It improves circulation and breathing and increases our warmth. It may be indicated for chills, fever, heat flashes, and night sweats.  Digestion can improve, and it is a good salve for lupus. With gold a sense of responsibility and a conscience may develop. There may be a need for gold when there is ego conflict, frustration in life, and one may be overburdened with responsibility.  This is also good for the depressed person with much self-reproach and thoughts of suicide.  It may also be good for the manic person with megalomanic tendencies as well as excitation or rage.  This is an excellent remedy to give at the end of psychotherapy. Gold has also been used for skin cancer, especially from overexposure to radiation.


In homeopathy, gold is indicated for deep depression and suicidal tendencies.  There may be neuralgia or a lack of sun, especially during long winter nights.  There may be anemia, eye problems, headaches, nightmares, paralysis, pneumonia, syphilis, or vascular illnesses.


In western medicine, gold has long been a prominent medicine for various arthritic, rheumatic, and syphilitic disorders.  It has also been used for tuberculosis, heart disease, locomotor atoxia, sexual dysfunction, skin disorders such as leprosy and lupus, spinal problems, or to stimulate the brain and digestion.  Others have used gold for bone implants, surgical instruments, and acupuncture needles.


Gold has its origins as far back as Lemuria where its use in healing was marvelled at even in those days amongst the various healing masters.  It was primarily used in the development of the heart chakra.  It was also used for its ability of thought form amplification.  The purity of gold preserves higher thoughts for later retrieval.  Its highly conductive properties for electricity and for thought forms made it a highly prized metal in Lemuria, where it was used for the few surgical procedures that society then engaged in.  Gold was also used to open the third eye. Its resistance to acidity and deterioration made gold a perfect metal to use at times to implant various talismans directly into the body physical.  The resistance of gold to heat and to foreign life forms allowed for these implantations into the body physical.  Such implantations can be found in the mummified remains of such diverse civilizations as China, Egypt, Incas, Mayans, and even in Europe.


Gold in its coloration promotes healing and works deeply in the collective unconsciousness of mankind on both genetic and telepathic levels.  Gold has become a universal symbol dominant within the consciousness of all men and women.


Gold is the great balancer of the heart chakra, which is perhaps the most powerful of all chakric points.  There is often the misconception that the upper chakras are the most powerful.  The heart chakra needs the purest metal to serve as the great balancer. This is why gold has always been the great alchemical link with man. Gold is also interconnected with the thymus.  With this added property we find that gold has healing properties throughout the entire physical form.  The activities of the heart and thymus are so designed to balance the psychophysical structure during the first seven years of life and even penetrate to and rejuvenate the entire endocrine system.  These activities happen with this gem elixir or when there is a supplement of physical gold in the diet.


Gold is found in beet greens, chamomile, dandelion, kelp, seaweed, and wheat, especially if it is grown by physical gold planted in the soil.  Gold elixir also aids in the absorption of gold, magnesium, oxygen, phosphorus, silver, and vitamins A, B, D, and E.  Too little gold in the body is one of the main causes of multiple sclerosis.  This is often a factor in many neurological disorders.  Too little gold in the system has a tendency to upset the basic ability of the body to assimilate the entire spectrum of minerals and vitamins, particularly in the muscular tissues and nervous system.  Regeneration of the body develops from ingesting physical gold in food as well as by using gem elixir.


Gold is critical in tissue regeneration, particularly of the heart, pancreas, spleen, and muscular structure.  Gold has its greatest distinction and use in tissue regeneration of the heart and the care of heart disease.  This activity attracts and stores the ethereal fluidium which often translates into the kundalini energy and tissue regeneration.  When properly aligned with the meridians, the ethereal fluidium influenced by gold becomes he life force.  This is why the ethereal fluidium is critical to the activities of the physical and subtle bodies.


Gold also activates tissue regeneration in the neuron structures within the cranial capacity.  The activities of the pineal and pituitary glands are stimulated by the mild electromagnetic properties of the cranium by the consciousness that resides there.  These glands are either enhanced or atrophied as the individual consciously approaches such patterns as the alpha state and even deeper states of consciousness.  These glands are also affected due to the highly conductive properties and electrical faculties of gold, which facilitate the capacity for tissue regeneration in the neuron structure.  Balanced activity with the cranial capacity and reflective brain wave activity, which is the source of stimulation for the pineal and pituitary glands enhances or atrophies them, and also influencing the activities of the two reflected glandular functions in their chakric priorities.


Upon the anatomical level there is healing and rejuvenation of the heart, muscular tissue, nervous system, and skeletal structure.  There is an alignment of the vertebrae and regeneration of the neurological tissues that extend forth from the vertebrae.  There is also skin regeneration.  Gold is good for treating any heart diseases, and disorders associated with a collapse of the immune system such as diabetes and muscular dystrophy.  There is an easing of the heavy metal, petrochemical, and radiation miasms.  Gold helps regulate the heart in eliminating petrochemicals.  Use gold to ease overexposure to x-rays or uranium. Like quartz, this elixir protects one from all forms of radiation.  There may also be heat exhaustion from overexposure to the sun.


This exlixir can also be used in mending and bonding of tissues.  Some in the physical sciences would even acknowledge that gold promotes general tissue regeneration throughout all organs in the body, including aiding bone tissue and other structures.  Upon the cellular level it enhances all biomolecular functions, including mitosis and repairs chromosomal damage.


In right and left brain problems, gold is the perfect balance for any such disorders.  Thus gold is indicated for imbalanced hemisphere disorders such as autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, neurological discharge, physical coordination disorders, visual problems, and the stimulation of the pineal and pituitary glands.  Using gold with copper and silver aids in balancing the personality and one’s sexuality.  Gold and silver accentuate the feminine accord, while gold and copper balance the masculine.  If all three elixirs are taken in combination, this allows for greater self-adjustment of these various forces

Moonstone, Magnetite, Black tourmaline, Silver, Turquoise,  Loadstone,

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