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The Rods of Maat Crystal  both rods pure copper and zinc are filled with quartz points , are very powerful energy rods for advance energy workers . Rods ends can be custom finish eg with special gemstone  etc 


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 The POWERFUL HEALING RODS OF MAAT «Mono» contain monocrystalline quartz crystals of natural faceting. This type of wands is intended to stimulate your energy system and help beginners as well as practicing healers to start discovering the rods capabilities.
Influence frequency
High frequency of influence
Influence intensity
Medium intensity of influence on the body
Level of preparedness
For weak/medium-developed energy system of the body
While they have all the qualities of the POWERFUL HEALING RODS OF MAAT with large-grain quartz filling, the RODS «type» have several important differences:
First: RODS OF MAAT «mono» have a more powerful impulse-based stimulating effect on a person’s energy structure. As a consequence, if this type of ROD is used by people with a weak energy system, it may induce a pain syndrome in a problem area. This is due to the increased excess of energy in the zone of disruption. If some energy channel has disrupted bio-energy rhythms and lacks the necessary conductivity, then the resultant excess of energy, causing a sensation of bloating or pressure at the site of a problem may develop into pain. It is for this reason that we do not recommend this type for people who have suffered a heart attack or stroke. 

Second: in interacting with a person’s energy structure (aura), the RODS «MAAT» launch a process of internal scanning of the user’s organism, after which the energy system (aura) itself begins to work on the specific pathology in the organism. It is for this reason that many users of the RODS «MAAT» have noticed the appearance of sensations of vibrations or sort of jerks in localized (problem) zones. The mono crystals used in this type of RODS are carefully selected in accordance with special criteria. 
Third: due to the homogeneous structure of the mono crystal placed in the RODS «MAAT», their effect on the electromagnetic and energy capsule (field) of the human organism stimulates the organism to produce an energy cocoon of a special type of energy around the body. This energy submits well to thought control. This is precisely why for many ancient civilizations quartz was a sacred mineral, while RODS with mono crystals were an inseparable part of the life and activities of the priestly healers. 
Provided users work with them regularly (preferably by the sea or in a forest), in three weeks THE POWERFUL HEALING RODS OF MAAT «MAAT» will create an up to 3-metre cocoon (aura) around them, completely restoring their energy balance. No other tool available today has such an effect. Possessors of such an aura can take a sick person into their energy field and act upon the disorder in the patient’s body without using their hands (no passes), simply and exclusively by the power of thought, by imagining what should take place in the diseased organ. This opens up fundamentally different possibilities for the diagnosis and treatment of the sick and for the development of parapsychological potential,

Geometrically, the POWERFUL HEALING RODS OF MAAT are also attuned to the main resonance — the planets own frequency of vibration. For precisely this reason, even the brief influence of the RODS OF MAAT on the human psycho-physical field and energy structure stimulates concentration on self-made internal images, intensifying the trance or meditative effect. Whereas psychics often need months of unremitting training to attain the necessary levels, when the RODS OF MAAT «MAAT» are used, training times are substantially reduced, while the effect obtained significantly exceeds those that can be attained by ordinary means. This conclusion provides a scientific explanation for the mechanism of telepathic communication between people, in which the RODS OF MAAT «MAAT» acted as amplifiers of such abilities.
The weak energy field generated by the RODS OF MAAT «MAAT» increases the energy of cells:
The capacity of cells to take in energy increases by 35−40%, protein production increases by 70−75%;
Calcium absorption is improved (particularly important for osteoporosis sufferers);
The healing of bone fractures is accelerated (especially important for the elderly);
Connective tissues are strengthened, and fractures heal more quickly;
Weak currents improve blood supply to the tissues, activating blood circulation;
The activity of L-lymphocytes, necessary for the normal self-renewal of tissues and the preservation of high cell-growth potential, is increased by 70%;
RODS OF MAAT with a quartz filling help if you suffer from drowsiness or dizziness or are easily fatigued;
Relieving nervous tension, stress and post-stress disorders;
Relieving bronchial asthma attacks (of a nervous character);
Restoring proper sleep patterns;
Relieving heart pains;
Relieving shortness of breath and palpitations from exertion in sufferers from ischemic heart disease;
Preventing oncological processes (cancer), restoring the overall balance of energies in the body;
Restoring biorhythms disrupted by, for example, flights from one time zone to another (pilots, sportspeople, tourists, long-distance lorry-drivers and so on), for whom desynchronization of internal and external regimes in the organism cause sluggishness and headaches;


The new range of Rods of maat , all with special gemstone on cap ends zircon silver  mounted on the zinc Rods  , which were recycle from quality earrings. Copper rods have malachite  and other gem on end Each rod is unique and specially  hand and mind crafted Rods are filled with hand selected elements minerals etc large clusters of selected mineral are scale down for use in rods of ma’at.

.all rods have installed within a system of elements (classified) which energize the elements and mineral, within the RODS

The rods of ma’at are sealed with a special alchemy paste, which is known to be use in ancient kemit (Egypt)Some rods have a special hand selected gem on the ends

These gems, minerals will have been hand, and mind selected for the geometrics’ cut etc. Made on request

All rods have energy secrets systems within , (not orgone) plus high energy minerals.

All rods are charge for a period within a 400 million YEARS old hollow pyramid panels made of hard limestone with fossil inclusions of orthoceras,.

The Rods of maat  with quartz crystal filling generate a “pranic cocoon” that has a gentle, even, but
profound effect on the human organism. The energy cocoon produced by this type of wand is very stable. If a user
works constantly with the Rods of maat Quartz for a week, the “pranic cocoon” they create will persist for three
weeks with a beneficial effect on the whole of the user’s organism.

The Rods of maat Crystal are produced in strict accordance with the Golden Section principle, allowing them to be self-tuned to a person and to be in resonant interaction with the Pyramid.
28mm x 151mm.  With quartz crystal points in both rods

Although these type of rods are not on the market , they may be compare to wands of Horus mono and wands of  Horus crystal


The rods of maat can be compare to the Wands of horus and Egyptain Healing rods ,  it must be pointed out that, Rods of maat have a special energy system within , plus  been charge with an 400 million years old hard limestone with fossil of orthoceras . and are more potent

No sensations

As a rule, a lack of sensation indicates that the given person’s organism is “furred up” to a considerable

extent. In this case an appropriate diet is necessary to clean out the organism (its energy canals). One of the

best diets (although the individual peculiarities of each person should always be borne in mind) is to eat

fruit an vegetables only for four days of the week (96 hours) feeling constantly hungry.

Scientific research has shown that people holding the Wands of Horus are influenced by them, no matter

what their subjective sensations, although the activity and effectiveness of the Wands of Horus is directly

related to the degree to which an organism is furred up. It is for this same reason that when preparing for

an act of dedication or initiation (“Intercourse with the gods”), the Ancient Egyptians kept a ten-day fast

and appropriate diets to clean out the organism.

Weak sensations

This group includes the bulk of those surveyed. They experience either warmth or coolness, a pulsation in the hands, a slight prickling, sometimes an increase in pulse-rate, very occasionally dizziness.

Strong sensations

This small group includes people who feel powerful internal vibrations, accompanied by a mild loss of

feeling in the fingers. Some people feel “flows” of energy washing over their bodies inside and out. Some

feel an irresistible upward urge, as if their whole bodies were trying to take off.

We should point out that, although these three main categories do exist, the range and strength of sensations can fluctuate. This is due to the energy cycles of the Earth and the individual. There will be days when, for objective reasons of a cosmic nature, your energy system will be insufficiently active and therefore the sensations will be weak or absent altogether, although you have become used to feeling the effect of the Rods of maat.

When beginning to use the Rods of maat, remember that the copper Wand should be held in the right hand, the zinc Wand in the left.

 This is because the right side of the human body is positively charged, and the left negatively, and also connected with the functions of the left and right hemispheres of the brain (BA-KA flows)

N.B. The Wands can be used in a sitting or lying position as well as standing From the outset you should try to work regularly with the Rods of maat. No matter how busy you are, the formula “the more, the better” is the best recommendation for deep correction of the organism’s general biological rhythm. Remember that the influence of the Rods of maat founded on the influence of “low-intensity factors”.

In view of the general unsatisfactory state of health of the average person, we recommend that when starting work with the Rods of maat you should not part with them even at night.

This will help the organism to correct the energy imbalances, restoration of which depends on certain cosmo biological factors (cycles).

Everything in nature and in the human organism develops cyclically and so the sensations experienced will be different. Considering this extremely important factor, you should bear in mind that each phase of practical sessions with the Rods of maat should last no less that 12 days.

After you put the Rods aside they will continue to vibrate at your frequency for some time. The persistence of this memory depends on a person’s energy qualities.

 If a person has an ordinary level of energy potential, the cylinder’s will “remember” his or her individual frequency for a matter of hours.

 A powerful energy potential can leave a memory that lasts for several months.

In principle it is possible to pass the  to someone else, but we do not recommend using them immediately.

They should be left to lie for at least two hours so that the individual frequency set by the first user’s organism has time to dissipate.

They should be left to lie for at least two hours so that the individual frequency set by the first user’s organism has time to dissipate.

 If you pick up Rods vibrating with someone else’s frequency then the “pranic cocoon” they create will also vibrate with a “foreign” frequency.

To accelerate the process of dissipation, it is best to place the Rods in cold running water, or use a tuning fork.

  1. It should be especially stressed that in order to obtain a deep corrective, therapeutic effect immediately after a session with the Rods whenever possible, lie down and relax, even better go to sleep
  • If you meditate:  Rods of Ma’at help open up energy channels (meridians) in your body, while energizing, and balancing the chakras. This allows you to become more centered and in tune with the Universal Spirit.
  • If you are ill: These carefully constructed Rods are known to aid in the healing process by energizing the body with healing energy.
  • If you visualize: Since the Rods aid in energizing the body, it means you are in a higher energy state as you visualize, making it easier to manifest your intentions.
  • If you work with energy, you know how depleted you can sometimes feel. The Rods of ma’at quartz can help you energize your body before a session and quickly renergize for your next session.
    • If you are psychic. Regular use of the Rods will put you more in tune with the subtle world around you and increase your powers of perception.
    • If you are stressed. Use the Rods anytime to help you relax and focus your thoughts.


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