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“Greetings, celestial travelers and seekers of truth! I am Amen Shekhemu Kha, High Priest from the depth of Amen and Ma’at Foundation. With great honor, I bring forth the Rods of Ma’at Stargate—The World’s Most Advanced Energy Rods. Imbued with frequencies resonating from the cosmos, these rods are your key to unlocking a life of balance, vitality, and spiritual enlightenment.

Rods of Ma’at Stargate Frequencies – A Quartz Medium Grain Symphony

Sun – 126.22 Hz:
Awaken your Solar Plexus, the chakra of vitality and radiance. Ignite your inner fire and channel Leo’s celestial energies. Discover enhanced strength, creativity, and a sense of purpose.

Moon – 210.42 Hz:
Dive into the depths of your emotional tranquility. Connect with your Sacral Chakra and align with Cancer’s lunar influence for a life filled with peace, reflection, and sexual energy.

Mercury – 141.27 Hz:
Open your Throat Chakra to channel the communicative energies of Mercury. Embrace the wisdom of Gemini to elevate your intellectual faculties and understanding of messages from beyond.

Venus – 221.23 Hz:
Unlock your Third Eye Chakra with the romantic energies of Venus. Revel in the aesthetics and beauty around you, enhancing your sense of love and artistic appreciation.

Earth – 194.18 Hz:
Ground yourself in Mother Earth’s frequency, resonating with your Root Chakra. Find harmony with nature, feel energized, and awaken your Kundalini energy.

Mars – 144.72 Hz:
Ignite your inner warrior and harness Mars’ dynamic energies. Discover newfound strength, focus, and sexual potency.

Jupiter – 183.58 Hz:
Channel the expansive energies of Jupiter to open your heart and mind. Experience newfound trust, openness, and a zest for life’s grand adventure.

Saturn – 147.85 Hz:
Bring structure and discipline into your life with Saturn’s energies. Achieve a deeper sense of responsibility and focus, and unearth karmic connections.

Uranus – 207.36 Hz:
Break free from limitations and channel the innovative energies of Uranus. Experience renewed inspiration and discover your authentic power.

Neptune – 211.44 Hz:
Dive deep into your own spirituality with Neptune’s mystical energies. Enhance your intuitive abilities, and open doors to new dimensions of consciousness.

Pluto – 140.25 Hz:
Transform and transcend with Pluto’s powerful energies. Illuminate your deepest secrets and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of your former self.

As you channel these planetary frequencies through the Rods of Ma’at Stargate, you harness the very essence of cosmic power, just as the ancient High Priests and Priestesses of Egypt connected to the mysteries of the universe. Let this celestial harmony resonate through every fiber of your being. Your quest for balance, vitality, and enlightenment starts here.

285 Hz tone helps to heal tissue and brings them to the original form by sending a message to restructure the damaged organs and tissues. It helps in rapid healing of burns, fracture, sprains, cuts, and other injuries. It also enhances the immune system. This frequency is believed to create positive shifts to those in proximity to them. Here are some of the benefits of 285 Hz Solfeggio Music.

  • Heals and Regenerates Tissues.
    • Restructures damaged organs by sending message to Tissues and bringing them to original form.
    • Influences the energy field around you.
    • Influences the energy field around your home, office.
    • Rapid healings of burns, fracture, sprain, cuts and other injuries.
    • It enhances the immune system.

Root Chakra & 396 Hz

396 Hz Solfeggio Frequency is one of the Fundamental frequencies used in Sound Healing. Its the frequency associated with Root Chakra, our Primary Energy Centre. This energy centre is often blocked by Fear, Stress, Worries, Anxiety. And when this chakra gets blocked, its effects start reflecting in every part of our lives. We start becoming negative. Body starts producing more cortisol, and if starts affecting our sleep, our health, and since less and less energy flows to higher chakras, other chakras also start getting blocked.

Undoing situations & facilitating change
417 Hz frequency allows you to enhance your mind’s ability to undo damaging situations by cleansing traumatic experiences and clear destructive influences of past events, and facilitate conscious and subconscious change to something positive in your life.

 Transformation & miracles. Repairing DNA
528 Hz is the Love frequency. It is quite mysterious, but has shown to facilitate the process of whole-being transformation and even stimulating DNA repair. It is also said to activate your imagination, intention and intuition. The note ‘MI’ on the scale is said to derive from the Latin word “MI-ra gestorum” which means “miracle”.

Re-connecting and balancing relationships
639 Hz frequency heightens your ability to build deep, meaningful, and harmonious relationships with others. Communication, understanding, tolerance and love are enhanced. It is the social frequency.

  • Expressions/solutions, Cleaning & solving
    741 Hz frequency can open up emotionally closed or blocked individuals, liberating their vital ability to express themselves. Tone ‘Sol” leads into the power of self-expression which results in a pure, stable and healthier life. It can be used at a psychic level to develop intuition and “sixth sense”.

 Returning to spiritual order (awakening intuition)
852 Hz frequency helps in raising awareness and has shown results in giving greater access to spiritual experience and transformation. It can be used as means for opening a person up for communication with all-embracing Spirit.


The ancient Egyptian (khamit) priest and priestess  , would not have crafted rods without making full use of the ma’at harmonic frequencies  .

it is said before the supreme being could come into being , the the foundation of ma’at , the laws defining the universe was first laid .

Ancient Egypt still has many secrets yet to be known The Rods of maat star gate frequencies is the latest secret.

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396 Hz 1st Root Red Earth Grounding
417 Hz 2nd Sacral Orange Water Life Energy
528 Hz 3rd Solar Plexus (Navel) Yellow Fire Power
639 Hz 4th Heart Green Air Compassion, Love
741 Hz 5th Throat Blue Ether Communication, Creation
852 Hz 6th Third Eye Indigo All Insight, Wisdom


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