Antique silverplated chalice singing bowl



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All body cell have membrane like charactertics that are capable of acting as

Sound receivers, like living bio-oscillator, not un like crystal revving sets

They absorb vibrations of sound (per-sonar)

The system of mantra is a ancient form of sound therapy.

In   Chinese chi kung sound/note are intone to balance the major organs and chakra

And return them to a healthy natural frequency.

The universe is made up of vibration/ frequency and the human can interact with

The universe in a vibration manner for health and happiness

The five senses are a medium which we can intact with the universe

Sound ears colour eyes, nose smell, touch mouth intone.

Nature mother earth love us humans to recycle, the whole universe is

Always changing from one state to another, constantly changing

The silver plated chalice singing bowl has come about, through received information from

Mother Nature, these (  some are over 100 year’s  old ) antique chalice singing bowls where once use as desert bowls (ice cream).

Have now evolved to a higher function as a healing sound bowl, It is know that the earth is moving to a higher levels of being.

Silver is of a higher frequency metal  govern by the moon.

The notes  are B, G,F and some the  base also has a note D ,C,

The sounds are  divine and perfect for healing and other works


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